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hallo my name is dj luigi.from germany your website is working in discothek

Hope the sooner will be well soon.

is it ture that you are cool


Hey, nobody heckles Luigi! What's up guys - I'm loving the new album and so is everyone else up here that hears it. Sadly we don't get Channel Zero by me, so I won't be able to see the foolishness. A tour, perhaps? I don't know if the old jalopy can take another road trip to Atlanta.

Okay, Luigi Mario, this is starting to get annoying. Back away from the keyboard, slowly.

Boho i win with Bowser.

I reascue Mario.Ama Luigi namber one.

No problem bro.

Thanks Luigi

Okay Mario i wil go healp you

Luigi Mario my brother help me Bowser trapted me in his castle

Did you hear about me brother Mario

Hey Michelle, Thanks very much for the pictures and the note! This is a little late but my computer broke and I just got a new one. I hope you had a happy birthday!

It's nice to meet you, Luigi Mario. My name is Luigi. Names are fascinating, no?

Helo my neme is Luigi Mario My brother is Mario Mario we are Super Mario Bros.

Wayne Coyne would do this. Why don't you?

Happy Belated Birthday Michelle! Happy non-birthday wishes to rest of band. Best Wishes from Athens, Kevin

Wow, you're so asexy when you undergo mitosis! Yay video!

Thanks! It is beautiful!

Just saw the video, sent it via email to everyone I know, it is GREAT! Whyohwhy are you guys not famous yet???

You guys rock! We love your all your songs. Johnny eres maravilloso.

Glad you guys are playing the Mercury Club. It's a great venue and parking is not the big drama everyone makes it out to be. Parking garage, walk in, rock out. Simple.

Yes! Much, much better. Always bet on black.

Brian the site looks Fabuloso. I'm ecstatic. YOU are the bee's knees, the hornets stinger, the dart frog's poison, the ocelot's musk, okay now I'm on a tangent. You're the best.

you could imagine my surprise when i googled my first name and there you guys are! pus the fact you guys are form my home town is even better! I am going to go look gor your album at once!

Who knows the 'real meaning' behind the _song_ "Luigi?" DoIDoIDoIDoIDoI?


Saw the latest Stomp n Stammer. Happily they have good taste and you're all over it! But where's the mention of my fave guitar player in ATL? you rock dude.

Hey, heard 'cingle cell' on the atl radio 88.5? I love the fuzzy sound. keep it up. and give us a fuzzy video.

Found on the Forest Floor is so great, ya'll... AMAZING JOB!

WOO HOO!! How cool!! I have thought of you often through the years. I emailed you, let me know if you did/didn't get my address.

Trish! If you check back here, No Fair! you must send me some pics and tell me more on how you are doing? Wowee I'm flipping out. I actually have some home-movie 8mm footage of our families out on your land picking out and cutting down a christmas tree. I think you and I are in the 3rd grade.

I was about to delete the spam below, but something about it is beautiful. Spam poetry, methinks.

uplands junk exacerbating offenses footprint obtains?needless Delphi!resorts drawled! win ... Thanks!!!

Hey Michelle, Blast from the past!!I'm Trish (used to be Cothren). We both lived on Stanley St. in Stillwater, OK when we were ~ 7yrs. I was surfn' today & saw your name - WOW! You sound GREAT! Glad life is treating you well!!

Great show Friday! Buying the crowd shots proves y'all are just too kewl. I was going to buy a CD anyway, so I owe you. Having been discussing Neil Young elsewhere earlier, your 3-axe attack on "Cinnamon Girl" slayed me. Dang (who can play Neil for hours) was likewise affected. ---the other Okie

Sorry, not tryin to seem like I am rippin your name or anything but, My name is "Luigi". I just discovered your band and I must say I might just have to get an album or two. KICK ASS!

Me freaking happy your new album will be in my cd player late Friday night and that I'll get to see you after your break. Congrats.

You inspire me! What a fantastic journey - can't wait for the new cd release!


I miss seeing each and every one of you live and kicking!!Wish there was a clone band out here...

Brian rocks the house!

Sure thing, John. um...

Very good! Visit plz my site!

Cool. I learned to play drums on a blue vistalite ludwig kit.

Then let me add, the Ludwigs look great. I play Ludwigs myself (Bonham Vistalite Re-issues). So anyone who plays Lud's gets the gold star in my book.

I take what I can get.

The drummer, he's cool, but Michelle is hot. Does that work?

Okay, that's it. Brian wants some love. Who here wants to wax poetic about the drummer?

Michelle, I would never propose that something as ugly as me could evertouch something as beautiful as you. Not even in my mind. **Head bows, uninstalls windows, and slits wrist.

Yo, Remedial Class Dumass...SHE IS A GREAT ITALIAN DISH!

Luigi? Sounds like a great Italian dish.

Michelle, Michelle, where are you? (reaches into the air, falls out of bead and breaks collarbone). OOUCH! There I go dreaming about Michelle again...

Don't forget about Ziffel.

Ah...Michelle...there I go daydreaming about her again!

i don landoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

This band must seriously rock!

Um, no, that wasn't me, so give me a call, sistah. I left a message. xoxoxo

(sips Budweiser, spits tobacceee, revs truck engine) "Play FreeBird"!!! (Kisses grandma, mom and sister - all the same person)...

Me, Jacked on coffee, what the? Michelle D., she's got it u see. Musicality and sensitivity, it's that artist thingy...

I lost my job because I spent all my time day dreaming about Michelle. She's too good looking for my own good.

Calm down there, scissor.

Next time hot singer Michelle can avoid heat stroke by taking it ALL OFF!

Too lonely up on the hill until one of us ate a transmitter chip and now we are all 4-stepping to Baaaaamanos....

When the FREAK are you going to play on the west side? We tanned babies here in SoCal need your rock!!

I have to sign up for your mailing list just to find out what you sound like? Nuh uh. I don't think so.

I pimp old school style with UBF, VA Highlands, 1996 and UTK. Seriously, M. send me a message so I can tell Molly that you got back to me. And what the F&$% is up with D. Cross?!?

isnt she cute! ;)

Wasat Rollergirl show last night and saw you for first time, which is embarrasing considering I'm a local musician( of no great importance).Loved the show, you guys rock, and Michele you are impressive in every respect, and I mean that literally!Was that a Vox you were playing?

luigi holds it down like double sided tape! if you haven't seen this band and some friend of yours sent you here you should hug your friend then go see this band.

Who's the cute merch girl who sold all those Luigi CDs? Is she Asian?

sported the luigi shirt for the last ruvolo show...and yes, we'll play another show together and make out again for the first time.

i dey ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Please come play Chicago sometime soon.

I was thinking of bumber sticker ideas the other day and I came up with one that could be a good album name. "Me for President". I really like the soccer one too.

in keeping with the soccer theme, the new album should be called "we shoot, we score"

great show the other night! cannot wait to hear the new record...and to play with you all again - kev p.s. check out

the background is better this way :P

album names huh - how about "Los del bano me dice algo"

Hey all! This is Erin from The Arts and Sciences. I met Scott at the Magnapop in-store this past weekend and he told me about the band. I just checked out your mp3s and LOVE the songs! Looking forward to seeing you play live. I didn't realize this was Michelle's new band. I met Michelle years ago when I was in the Moto-Litas. I'm really glad you're writing and playing again, Michelle! Can't wait to get the CD. Take care and keep rockin'!

I heard that this hot chick from old schoold Knoxville was in this band!! And no michelle, you wont remember me, because I was just drooling at all of your shows with out the guts to kidnap you and take you back to the cave! But i did write a very cool song about you and have always been a fan! Great luck! BORN TO BE ALONE!!!! Freak parade's little bro N--

Hey, thanks for the great Christmas gift. Awesome. Can't wait to see you play on Friday. I know you will rawk us with all you have.

I'm so bummed that I'll not be in town (actually in the country) for Luigi's New Year's Eve Extravaganza. I'll do shot(s) of tequila that night in your honor.

hey michelle!! I got this site from ur mom! too cool! cant wait to her ur can I buy a cd? Thanks!! I am a 13 yr old singer as well and headed to Nashville! Keep rockin'!!!!!

I deleted the spam, Michelle. It pops up from time to time. Redorkulus is right.

BRIAN!!! how did this Bullshit SPAM make it in our guestbook??? that's redorkulous.

You know I have heard good things about you guys and the rumors are all true. For sure you are one of my favorite bands I have played with.

Thanks, Michelle. It makes me think of a sweater. Mmmm, sweaters.

Brian I dig the new background. hey all, I'm hopping the Amtrak train to New York but I hope to see everyone at our New Years Eve show here in the ATL at the EARL. Scott and I worked on some new shirt designs so we promise to finally have some available at the brink of '05. Also new music is coming sooooon. we'll send a message 'round. much love, michelle

I just wanna say that I love Luigi and Luigi loves me. They sign "love" in every email to me. I think that is damn sweet, the only other person who signs "love" to me is my husband and my Mommy. Besides that they rock really HARD. Love, Emily

hey, i just saw the band tonight at the earl. i just want to say that her vocal talent is phenomenal. i have seen a woman with talent, a song with love, and the eyes that are pearls that are stars that night the sky----

Holla at yo cuz, cuz. I'm still rockin the luigi shirt. Hope all yous guys are doing allright.

you guys rock so much face! saw you at the earl a month or 2 ago and ready for some more!

6 years later and I still can't get that dark-haired lovely out of my head ;-)

come to philly!

Why are you guys so good?!?! Happy to see the fan base growing. Loved the song sans the drums that you played at the Earl last night. Yeah!

hey folks, the earl show still on for tomorrow night(7/30)?anyone out there have any old recordings of "the flying polecats"?cya's

My wife bought me Vamonos last weekend as a late fathers day gift and I love it. I heard two cuts previously when visiting a friend (Chick) and it sounded good but after a week I have a better feel for what I was hearing and now I think it’s wonderful. My three years old daughter agrees she said “I like the guitar now dance with me”. Keep chasing your dreams it’s inspirational to all of us.

You guys were as rawkin' as ever at the Corndog-O-Rama. Loved the new song! Thanks!!

I am so sad...I moved from Atlanta and I lost my Luigi cd...woe is me!I love you guys, saw you at your cd release party (we are friends of Pete and John...oh excuse me...Effingham and Wheatstraw)I am having Luigi withdrawals...

Saludos para Michelle de su familia de Peru, te recordamos con cariño.

Viv, there's a "buy" link in the upper right. Thanks for the compliments.

Hey.. do you guys have a cd I can buy? I live out here in Boston.. ps. my nephew, who is 4 is named Luigi... Cool name for a cool band.. Rock on!

I'm 14 years old and loved the show at Swayze's last weekend. That lady sure can play guitar.

Another awesome show at the Earl!!! Lots of unheard songs. Record, release, please...